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‘limn reveries’, 2014, drawing/performance/installation

in Live in your dreams! exhibit at The Crypt Gallery, St Pancras

Kelise Franclemont, drawings from 'limn reveries', 2013. Image courtesy the artist.
Kelise Franclemont, drawings from ‘limn reveries’, 2013. Image courtesy the artist.

From 26 February through 2 March 2014, I’ll be doing a drawing/performance piece called “limn reveries”, in a group exhibition “Live in your Dreams!” at The Crypt Gallery, St Pancras Church, Euston, London. The exhibition is curated by Stéphane Verlet-Bottéro, whose research and interests are focused on curation as well as making his own work related to art and science.

“limn reveries”

Which is just an old fashioned way of saying, I’m recording dreams… Basically, what I’ll be doing is attempting to achieve a quasi-meditative state under which I’ll conduct “automatic” (or subconscious) drawing. The thinking behind the exercise is to listen to meditation sound tracks, whereby I can  “open up” my subconscious and access the rich imagery there, and then record or draw what I see.

Or click the link to see a short film documentation of the performance/installation on opening night (26 Feb 2014). 

Some of the drawings from the performance and installation:

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Kelise Franclemont, in ‘Limn Reveries’, 2014, performance and installation, in ‘Live in your Dreams!’ at Crypt Gallery, St. Pancras, London. Photo credit: Thomas Butler.


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