in the studio

Kelise Franclemont, 2014. Image courtesy the artist.

Welcome to my studio. Here you’ll find work in progress, behind-the-scenes, experiments and happy accidents, thinking out loud, found objects, and any other random stuff I come up with that obviously needs to be let out so I can make space for making more things…

Kelise’s Studio Sneak Peeks

#kelisestudiosneakpeek is a 60-second look into my studio practice, including studio hacks, quick demos, idea generators, experiments, or inspiration.

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I’m also planning to offer art lessons/tutoring soon so contact me if you’d like updates on that.


Capturing Cat-titude!
The Eyes Have It
Shapely Warm-ups
Seeing Blind
Sharpen a Pencil
Contour Mesh-ups
Skint Sketch Roll
Thumbs Up
Traditional Cast Study

Char-Colour Palette
Get Mahl’ed with a Mahl Stick
Gridlock it Up
Starry Colour Wheel


Grey Anatomies
Free the Ripple

Rainbow Training Wheels
Bendy Brush Holder

Keeping it Glassy
Tonier Tones


Drawing Apart
Sundays at the Gallery

Sketching with AR

3D Digital Portraits

Studio Hacks and some other stuff

Sketchbook Tour (2018)
In the Zone
Blind Selfies
Scrappy Sketchbook
Challenge your Perspective
Mount for Success
Recycled Sketchbooks
Hand-sewn Artist Journal

Get to the Point
Quick-n-Dirty Documentation
A Proper Cuppa

Just for a fun, here is a depiction of a turtle, which may very be my earliest known “artwork”, age 5 or 6. I still work this way sometimes, making marks with oil or wax crayon, followed by water-based paint or ink. Still true today, the least control over the process, the more fun it is! 

The other drawing is a horse – my absolute favourite subject growing up. Like many little girls who lived in rural/small town USA, I was horse-crazy for a while!