Another of my passions is books and other objects that form an intimate experience, and the story can be further told when held in the hand.

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handsewn journal, exposed binding, figure detail, nude woman, blues, greens, and pinks; green cord closure with beads
Kelise Franclemont, ‘Postcards from the Land of No People (wish you were here)’, 2015, postcard prints in a wooden rack. Image courtesy the artist.
‘degas dreaming of women in the bath’ (infinite drawing series), 2018, ink, wax crayon, and pencil
Kelise Franclemont, ‘The Promised Land’, 2016, HD digital video on iPad with stereoscopic goggles and sound, duration 1:40 (looped). Image courtesy the artist.
Kelise Franclemont and Mosab Abu Toha, ‘I was a thing (the poet objects)’, 2018, poet object and plinth, in Passion for Freedom Festival 2018, London. Photo credit Kelise Franclemont.