in the studio

Kelise Franclemont, 2014. Image courtesy the artist.

Welcome to my studio. Here you’ll find work in progress, behind-the-scenes, experiments and happy accidents, thinking out loud, found objects, and any other random stuff I come up with that obviously needs to be let out so I can make space for making more things…

Kelise’s Studio Sneak Peeks

#kelisestudiosneakpeek is a 60-second look into my studio practice, including studio hacks, quick demos, idea generators, experiments, or inspiration.




Studio Hacks and some other stuff

Just for a fun, here is a depiction of a turtle, which may very be my earliest known “artwork”, age 5 or 6. I still work this way sometimes, making marks with oil or wax crayon, followed by water-based paint or ink. Still true today, the least control over the process, the more fun it is! 

The other drawing is a horse – my absolute favourite subject growing up. Like many little girls who lived in rural/small town USA, I was horse-crazy for a while!