#365LoveNotesToSelf – Part 2

#365LoveNotesToSelf is a self-portrait project about giving the person in the mirror two self-loving gifts: time and looking deeply, because…

“If you can’t love yourself, how in the HELL you gonna love somebody else?”*

Finding love in another’s eyes

For Part 2 of #365LoveNotes (from 25 May 2017 until I make up my mind to change my mind again), I plan to switch gears a bit. I’ll still be looking at myself (cuz what’s not to love there, right?), but this time, the gaze is through the lens of a bit of art history. What I want to try and do is to emulate the self-portraits of other artists, from long-dead medieval craftsman that I’ve dug up from down the back of the Internet, to some of my living peers. The exciting thing is, I don’t know what to expect or what I will find by looking through another artist’s eyes; but I’m excited by the prospects. At the very least, this approach may suggest new avenues for my own artwork by as I toy with ways of making that maybe I haven’t used or considered already.

The next 100 days – 25 May to September/October 2017

All images Kelise Franclemont, ‘365 Loves Notes to Self’ series, 2017, various media.

*Above quote courtesy fabulous drag superstar, RuPaul.


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