#365LoveNotesToSelf – Part 4

Nearly finished now… I’ve looked at myself for more than 300 days, and am still finding little  surprises in my own face (was that wrinkle there yesterday?! I’m going to call it a laugh line!) I even discovered some new ways of working with old materials. (When I say “old materials” I am not kidding; recently discovered a near-complete box of “Char-Kole” compressed sticks which belonged to my grandmother, also an artist, and she passed away in the mid-1980s. Now it was time, of course, to put these to good use…kudos to Weber-Costello for making such quality materials that last for more than 30 years…)

Not sure how these ended up in my studio in London but they were once in my grandmother’s studio in the 80s…

Anyway, I’ll be posting 45 or drawings here as I count down to from Day 205 to Day 365… after that, who knows?

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