New year, new website –

After a few months of testing out various designs and website builders, I’m pretty satisfied with (on Check it out…

What’s new on

  • Migrated from old domain ( to A domain that includes my complete name, which is hopefully easier to find!
  • Updated look and feel that is more appealing, “cleaner” and easy to use. A simple intuitive design perfect for combining images and text.
  • More focus on image (this is an artist’s website after all!). Just click on the thumbnails to see more pictures, or read more about that project, artwork, or event.
  • Easy to get around the site. Once in a post [article] you can click to see thumbnail galleries by topic or theme, on the right-hand side bar.
  • Updated Contact page. Send the artist a message right from New!
  • Improved tagging on posts. Now you can click around to find related stuff.

Coming soon on

  • More exhibitions, projects, events where you can see finished artworks.
  • A sneak-peek into my studio. Sharing sketches, process, progress, and vague but possibly intriguing ideas.
  • Pre-2010 work. Images, thoughts, notes, etc. on the kind of artwork that interested me before UK art school got ahold of me. And this picture of a turtle, possibly my first certifiable artwork. In my world, turtles have prominent ears.

    Kelise Franclemont, 'turtle', age 5, ink and wax crayon.
    Kelise Franclemont, ‘turtle’, age 5, ink and wax crayon.

More links and information


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